Little House Hotels in Jerusalem
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Where being small is a BIG advantage
"Little House Hotels" chain offers three charming and unique European-style Jerusalem hotels.
Each Jerusalem hotel is located in one of the most popular and exclusive neighborhoods of Jerusalem:
Rehavia, the German Colony and Bakah.
Business trips at Hotels in Israel
Although most people travel to Israel for vacation, more and more people are traveling to Israel for business.  Besides a flourishing business climate, Israel boasts a hotel industry equal to any other European country.  Hotels in Israel offer the business traveler unsurpassed service and amenities, making his stay both enjoyable and productive.  

Unsurpassed service
In the past, Israel was associated with toughness and brazenness, whether Israelis were interacting with other Israelis or with tourists.  Customer service  was often thought of as an oxymoron in Israel, even when it came to the service in the different hotels in Israel.  Today, customer service has done a complete 360!  Shop  clerks, hotel clerks, and even bank clerks are more helpful to both the native Israeli and tourist.  Israelis understand the power of customer service and want to be on equal footing with the rest of Europe and the States.  

When a business traveler stays at one of the hotels in Israel, whether a three, four, or five star hotel, the personnel are usually polite and accommodating - no different than any other hotels worldwide.  Here are some of the usual amenities that a business traveler will find in an Israeli hotel:

- Complimentary English newspapers, sometimes even delivered to your room;

- Room service;

- Dry cleaning service (usually in the bigger, 5 star hotels):

- Wireless Internet service, in both the common areas and rooms;

- Cable or satellite television with access to news from around the world, such as CNN or BBC;

- Private sitting areas in the lobby for one-on-one business meetings; and

- Meeting rooms, equipped with audio-visual equipment, etc.
Hotels in Israel also offer the business traveler the world famous Israeli breakfast.  These sumptuous feasts include a huge selection of cheeses, salads, olives, fish, hot entrees, drinks, etc.  Lunch and dinner is usually available in one of the hotel's restaurants as well.  It's extremely convenient if a business traveler wanted to stay in the hotel all day to conduct business.  

After finishing work each day, the business traveler can relax in one of the pools, saunas, or Jacuzzis of the hotel.  Some of the bigger hotels even have luxurious fitness rooms, where the newest and best treadmills and weight equipment are available for use.  These amenities turn a business trip into more of a luxury holiday stay.
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