Little House Hotels: Best Hotels in Jerusalem

There are many reasons to travel to Jerusalem. For one, the city is a beautiful marriage of ancient history and modern culture. It’s a one-stop-shop for spiritual landmarks, archeological artifacts, and world-class cuisine. Plus, you’ll find here Little House Hotels, which are considered the best hotels in Jerusalem.


The best hotels in Jerusalem

Two of the best accommodation in Jerusalem are Little House in Bakah and Little House in Rehavia.

• Little House in Bakah

This charming hotel was built in 1930 and has been declared “for strict preservation” by the Council for Conservation of Sites. It was renovated into a hotel with 34 rooms and suites. You’ll have a wonderful stay here because all rooms have been tastefully refurbished with sophisticated furnishings, parquet flooring, lush draperies, and more. It’s considered one of the best hotels in Jerusalem because it offers a family-friendly atmosphere, which means that you and your loved ones will always feel relaxed and at home. 

Some of the tourist attractions near this hotel include the following:

1. Western Wall

2. Church of the Holy Sepulchre

3. Dome of the Rock

4. Temple Mount

5. Mount of Olives

6. Tower of David

7. Mount Zion


• Little House in Rehavia

This hotel is housed in an ancient stone house that was erected in 1929. It used to serve as a boarding house called “Inside Jerusalem”. It was then renovated and transformed into a modern hotel with 27 rooms. It has a friendly and welcoming atmosphere that will surely make guests feel at home. Aside from that, the Rehavia neighborhood

is a charming place that’s great for a quiet stroll to numerous tourist attractions. What makes it one of the best hotels in Jerusalem is that it is the first and only accommodation in the city that’s Vegan-friendly. Here, you’ll get to enjoy full kosher meals, free coffee and tea, and free internet access.


Here are the places you can visit while staying in Little House in Rehavia.

1. Jerusalem Artists Houses

2. Gerard Behar Center

3. Beit HaNassi

4. Ratisbonne Monastery 

5. Paris Square

Staying in two of the best hotels in Jerusalem for a most wonderful holiday in this ancient city.