The Best Hotels in Jerusalem Old City

There are many beautiful hotels spread across the city of Jerusalem, but if you are looking to spend time in the Old City, then it makes sense to find a place to stay that is close by. Of all the hotels in Jerusalem Old City, the two that are uniquely wonderful are the Little House Hotels – Little House in Bakah and Little House in Rechvia.

Little House Hotels – History Brought to Life!

Both the Little House hotels are heritage hotels, two of the most beautiful hotels in Jerusalem Old City. 

The Little House in Bakah is a beautiful 34-room hotel that was originally an Arab building that was built in the early 1930s. In fact, this building it so beautiful that the Council for Conservation of Sites has declared that this building is to be strictly preserved. 

Little House in Rechvia, the more newly renovated of the two Little House Hotels, was built in 1929, and served as a boarding house by the name of Inside Jerusalem for many years. And did you know that Little House in Rechvia is the only vegan-friendly hotel in the entire city of Jerusalem? The first of its kind, in fact! 

Proximity to the Old City

Both the Little House hotels in Jerusalem Old City are just a short walk away from its center. This means that you have access to all the most iconic monuments of the city – the Wailing Wall, the Jerusalem Archeological Park, the Kotel Tunnels, the Tower of David, and so on! 

Best Hotels in Jerusalem Old City – Little House Hotels

The Little House hotels are two of the best hotels in Jerusalem Old City – the staff is warm and friendly, the service is world-class and the rooms, while retaining their beautiful original design, are fully equipped with all the modern amenities.